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About Us

Michael J. Griffin
Director, Emergency Preparedness Services

Michael Griffin has an extensive background in homeland security and emergency preparedness strategic planning. This includes 14 years as a Commissioned Officer in the US Coast Guard acting in multiple capacities including ICS Planning Section Chief, Intelligence Officer, Law Enforcement Officer, Homeland Security Coordinator and Readiness Planner. He played a central role in the formulation of Emergency Response Plans for the USCG and various other state & local government agencies since 9/11.

Mr. Griffin also specializes in designing exercise drills, both tabletop and full scale. His projects with the Coast Guard include the 2004 Republican Convention in New York City, TOPOFF3 in New Jersey and the Department of Homeland Security Economic Strategy War game for the Port of New York in 2005. Mr. Griffin left active status in 2005 to form Strategic Planning Partners, focusing on emergency preparedness. In September of 2006 Mr. Griffin was one of two project leads for the development a new Department of Homeland Security/FEMA Situational Awareness model for Joint Field Offices for use during disaster response following Hurricane Katrina. Mr. Griffin is a graduate of the United States Coast Guard Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree. Subsequently he earned a Master of Health Science in Emergency and Disaster Preparedness from Touro University in 2005.



Peter J. Sammis
Director, Maritime and Homeland Security Services

Pete Sammis has 24 years experience with the U.S. Coast Guard building subject matter expertise in homeland security and disaster preparedness planning. He served in multiple capacities in New York City following 9/11, including assignments as Chief of the Coast Guard's Operations and Planning sections for execution of homeland security operations. He was the Coast Guard's lead officer for the planning, coordination and execution of security operations for the Republican National Convention in conjunction with partners from Federal, State and local emergency management and law enforcement agencies. 

Mr. Sammis left active status in 2005 at the rank of Captain to form Strategic Planning Partners, focusing on homeland security. He was called to Washington DC for six months in 2007 to assist the recently established Office of the Director of National Intelligence in developing plans for Global Maritime and Aviation Intelligence Integration and has security clearance at the TS/SCI level. In addition, he has extensive experience in the areas of vulnerability/risk analysis, regulatory support, NIMS/ICS planning, business continuity & recovery planning and exercise development.



Terri Sinski
Director, Business Continuity Services

Ms. Sinski has nearly ten years experience as a Disaster Preparedness/Business Continuity Coordinator in the Emergency Response and Property Restoration Industry. Her specific area of expertise is the creation and delivery of comprehensive disaster prevention and recovery programs to facility managers, emergency management professionals and business continuity specialists. She has worked extensively with institutions, hospitals, schools and first-responder organizations to promote corporate disaster preparedness planning. Ms. Sinski has been instrumental in creating and developing customized Recovery and Response programs for clients in multiple business sectors and geographic regions. 

Ms. Sinski has been trained and certified by the Disaster Research Institute (DRI) as an instructor of Business Continuity Management. Currently a faculty member at Adelphi University in Garden City, NY she serves as an adjunct Professor teaching Graduate Level Business Continuity Planning as well as Independent Emergency Management Study courses. Ms. Sinski also served as a Program Specialist at Adelphi supporting the development of the Emergency Management Studies Program.

Ms. Sinski has served as an active board member of the Contingency Planning Exchange (CPE) since 2004. CPE is a non-for-profit trade organization dedicated to promoting Business Continuity awareness to its membership via educational seminars and table top exercises. She was appointed as Chairperson of the Long Island Chapter in 2007.

Ms. Sinski is a frequent speaker at public functions and events promoting business continuity and disaster preparedness programs. She has been recognized by a number of news organizations including the Long Island Business News, Newsday and U.S. News & World Report.

Ms. Sinski has a BA in Social Science from St. Joseph's College in NY. She has completed the Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management at Adelphi and is currently enrolled in the University's Emergency Management Masters Program.


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